Anyone who owns a property in the Dallas, TX area that features Garage Door Cable Repair can benefit from the services of a qualified garage door safety inspection service. Malfunctioning doors not only represent a nuisance that hinders family and business activities, but also carry the risk of causing personal injury. Snapped safety cables, broken garage door springs and many other issues can cause a door to slam shut at precisely the wrong moment. Regular inspections prevent this from occurring.

Garage Door Cable Repair.

Finding an excellent inspector is the best way to keep your doors in good condition. Dream Garage Door is a highly reputable Garage Door Cable Repair inspector in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas; we offer quick, efficient preventative maintenance and more when inspecting our clients’ doors, motors and assemblies.

Garage Door Cable Repair

How often should homeowners get their doors inspected?

Experts agree that a garage door being used on a daily basis in a single-family home should be inspected at least once a year. If the door is worn or old, it may need bi-annual inspections to guarantee safe usage. A first-class inspector like the ones we employ at Dream Garage Door can accurately determine how long each individual door part will last and perform any maintenance necessary to keep the entire assembly working well.

Should commercial garage doors be inspected more often?

A commercial overhead door in a high-traffic area is likely to undergo more wear and tear than a residential one, and should benefit from more frequent inspections as a result.  Bi-annual or even quarterly inspections will ensure that the doors don’t break down at an inopportune moment, halting business operations or endangering employees and customers alike.

Trust Dream Garage Door as your first choice for quality garage door safety inspection in Dallas, TX. As the local experts in garage door repair service and maintenance, we keep doors working longer and maintain strict compliance with relevant operation guidelines for our clients.