Looking for Garage Door Opener Repair? Garage door openers are one of the parts most vulnerable to malfunction. This is why Dream Garage Door in Dallas, TX makes it affordable for home and business owners to get the repair services needed. Whether it’s a slacking chain or broken remote at fault, we can remedy the situation quickly and easily.

Garage Door Opener Repair.

Although a damaged garage door opener can produce many symptoms, some of the most common include:

  • Humming motors.
  • Loud scraping noises.
  • Non-functioning wall buttons and remotes.
  • Slack chain or belt.
  • Intermittent stopping.

Garage door opener repair has long been our specialty of service in Dallas, TX. Our technicians don’t go anywhere without their tools and spare parts, which we always travel with to the homes and businesses we service.

Carrying a range of different spare parts enables us to start and finish repairs on the same day. With all our equipment on hand, Dream experts can make timely replacements, adjust misalignments and fix broken components.

There is no doubt that our garage door opener repair services are the best in the land. However, there are certain cases where we are not permitted to make repairs. Under these special circumstances, replacements are mandatory.

The UL 325 agreement, for instance, requires servicing companies like us to replace units made before 1993. Openers produced during that time period do not comply with safety and security standards and should be replaced according to Federal law.

You may also have to opt for replacing an opener if its manufacturing company or brand has a history of producing defective or dangerous products. The same goes for garage door components that have since been removed from production.

If you need to switch brands but not sure which one is best, we can help. Speak to our industry-savvy technicians to explore different options. Dream Garage Door can replace your older model with one that meets your functional and financial needs.

Dream Garage Door has grown to be the largest 24-hour servicing business in Dallas, TX for good reason. In addition to detailed inspections and meticulous repair services, our technicians provide annual tune ups and maintenance.

Our staff also takes time to educate customers about safe, affordable solutions so you can get the best the industry has to offer at incredible prices.