Seeking a Garage Door Maintenance specialist. Your garage door works hard daily to let you in and out your carport with ease. Unfortunately, repeated use over extended periods of time can wear your system out. If you want to keep it in tip top shape, you need to give it the care it needs.

Garage Door Maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary in Dallas, TX to make sure your garage door does what it is designed to. Scheduling a tune up every year can save you money for repairs and replacements in the long term. Maintenance also preserves the condition of your system to ensure many more years of operation.

Garage Door Maintenance

One of the best decisions you can make to care for your garage door is to have it professionally inspected. Dream Garage Door offers detailed inspections as part of our maintenance service to catch glitches in the system before they become serious problems.

Garage doors of commercial and residential properties need inspections and tune ups at least once a year. By verifying your mechanism annually, you can protect your door’s structure and keep it running smoother for much longer.

Our garage door maintenance & tune up services include:

  • 25-point Inspections.

At Dream Garage Door in Dallas, TX we do a thorough job of checking and testing all vital components of your mechanism. Technicians examine cables, springs, climate seals, rollers and other elements to identify signs of wear and tear.

Damaged springs can cause pressure to be uneven and thus throw your garage door out of balance. Dream specialists can adjust and replace components to restore proper balance.

  • Lubrication and Fastening.

To keep tracks aligned, we use lubricant to ensure your garage door stays on course. Springs, screws, cables and rollers also need to be tightened to maintain normal operation.

  • Opener Repair.

Our experts ensure that garage openers are tested for safety and reliability according to the laws and regulations in Dallas, TX. If found to be faulty, we can quickly make adjustments and repairs.

The principle “prevention is better than cure” applies to your garage door too. With high quality, professional Dream Garage Door maintenance and tuning, you can avoid many mechanical problems before they even occur.